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Note: This post has nothing to do with comics, other than I might use this experience as a comic script one day. I just wanted to post this somewhere.

Context for Future Readers: Many cities, including mine, are currently under a Stay-at-Home order in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19, a corona virus that started spreading through China in late 2019 and is now worldwide.

Despite the nice (but unseasonably hot) weather, my dog walk this morning felt like the opening of a dystopian horror movie.

First, I stepped out to see a street that was way emptier than it really should have been at this time of day.

Next, I had one of those seemingly innocuous conversations with a friendly neighbor, in which he admitted that his family is starting to feel a little stir crazy.

Then, I heard sinister-sounding sirens (one siren sounded more like horror movie wails of the dead than like emergency sirens) that ran for a very long time, starting very far in the distance and progressively getting closer, until one lit-and-wailing police car passed me on the road.

Shortly after, I received a friendly wave and greeting from an elderly man who was just going about his general house maintenance, but wore a mask.

He was quickly followed by the very loud (due to their "social distancing" while walking together) conversation between two women, quite specifically about the pandemic.

It is a pity that I went to a park rather than to a business district, where I could have walked past the shuttered businesses with one still inexplicably running a TV. The camera would shift to the TV, running with the news to provide the Big Reveal.
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